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Children and Youth Events

Children's Events, Tea Parties, and More

Your child's milestones are too important to miss.  Let me help you plan a special event for their next birthday, graduation, or celebration so that you can sit back and enjoy the moment and create memories with them.

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Steampunk Themed

Planning a themed event was no easy feat, with so many logistical challenges and small details needing to be addressed, like background stories for each character, table settings, and costuming. We  created a magnificent tea party with all the accouterments, and the guests had a blast celebrating. I’m pretty proud of myself for managing to pull off such a wonderful event, although the parents each stepped in and really "served" up a great time for their teenagers.

Where the Wild Things Are

The night your child puts on their wolf suit to make mischief of one kind or another is the night that we put on a Wild Rukus of a party!  From making Wild Thing masks to dancing with with homemade drums your Wild Thing will have a birthday to remember!

Alice and the Mad Tea Party

Not just for kids, this tea party was actually a themed bridal shower.  The Mad Hatter (Maid of Honor) and the Queen of Hearts (Bride) were both in attendance while the guests enjoyed tea and crumpets.  Be careful though!  The Queen may yell "Off with her head!" at any given moment or the Mad Hatter may say, "Clean plate!  Move down, move down, move down!"

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