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I know! I remember!

It's March and my anniversary is in a few weeks. On March 25th I will be married to my husband for 21 years! I don't feel 21 years older than I did the day I threw him a ring and said, "So, you want to get married?" I remember it all vividly. I remember planning a life together. Planning careers and a family. I remember the excitement as we showed off his ring and he bragged that he was the only guy who ever got an engagement ring.

I also remember the frustration and overwhelming desire to run away to Vegas and get married. We did do that, by the way. Ran away to Vegas. But that is another blog post.

Where do we start? If we start with the venue, do we have a huge wedding at my church where it's expected to be huge and everyone I know will have to be invited? Or do we do something small with just family and our very closest friends? But, how will my family all travel from California? Who will not be offended if they aren't invited? The questions grew, but my answers did not.

I just wanted someone who could help me navigate those waters. Someone that had no skin in the game who was there just for us. I wanted a checklist of do's and don'ts. I wanted to know who was the best in the industry and who I should avoid. Who will cut my cake? Who walks down the aisle first? I wanted a Wedding Coordinator, I just didn't know it had a name and that there will people out there that could help.

The fact of the matter is, 21 years from now you want to look at the life you built together. The joy and excitement in the beginning will buffer the storms along the way. You will hunker down together and ride the storms with the warmth of those early memories and they will make everything worth it. And then there will be great times and more memories to be made. All those moments will make up the memories of your life. So don't get bogged down with the details. Enjoy each of these moments now. Enjoy each other.

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