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Key to My Heart

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

“If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more.”


Finding the words to truly explain my love for this set of photos has been difficult. Perhaps, if I loved them less I could talk about them more. I was asked by Howard and Laura Turley to help them create a stylized shoot to increase the gallery for their new event space in the heart of Waldo. Steeped in family history and area sentiment, The Turley's felt like the renovation of the building was a Coming Home moment for them.

75th Street Events has an urban warehouse feel with rich colors combined with industrial piping and exposed beams. The Novella Drawing Room is a perfect location for the Groomsmen to get ready, offering a rich green backdrop with dark leather and wood accents. I used the colors and mood of the Novella Drawing room to inspire this dark and moody shoot.

That being decided, I knew the photographers needed to be perfect. A photographer who specializes in bright and airy photos would not work for the mood that we were going for. I felt like I hit the lottery when both Suzanne Fryer and Juliana Jumper reached out to be a part of this project. The photos here are all done by Suzanne Fryer Photography, however, the next blog piece will showcase the artistic expression of Juliana Noelle Jumper Photography. Both women are amazing and worked together to ebb and flow through the day with the comfort and ease of women who know a thing or two thousand about their craft. Watching them work was truly awe inspiring. So are their photos. You can see both galleries here.

I needed to have an element, though, to tie everything together. Using the industrial backdrop of the space, we went with The Key to My Heart and brought in rustic and vintage elements like skeleton keys, mismatched metals, and black velvet to soften the edges. Rock, Scissors, Paperie and Rustic Elegance Event Rentals provided the most astounding detail elements that perfectly tied our soft and sharp elements together in timeless perfection.

Tisha Garcia with Perfect Petals Wedding Florals has worked with me on several events and she has never let me down. I am not going to lie though, I thought that I might have pressed her to the limits on this one. She sent me vision pieces one after another, and I kept saying "Darker!", "Moodier!". I was certain that she was going to tell me exactly where I could send my dark and moody ideas, but instead, she busted out this amazing altar piece and matching bridal Swag (That's right, a bouquet was not dark enough for me). This installation hung across in a snake-like form down the back wall. The dramatic effect for it was absolutely stunning.

The most complicated aspect of our shoot was finding the most perfect dress. I knew that my groom needed to be in a deep red suit. I knew that I wanted my bride in red shoes to match. But I could not bear the thought of a simple white dress. Brides ask me all the time if they "have to wear white". Queen Victoria was scoffed at for breaking the rules of royalty and wearing a solid white dress and yet we have set her rebellion as the standard for what we now consider traditional. Queen Victoria also proposed to Albert so I think that I have a personal kindredness (not a word according to the red squiggly lines, but it works and I am keeping it!) to my second favorite queen. Stephanie with Stephanie's Bridal Boutique found me this dreamy dress. I have never seen a woman walk into a bridal boutique and put on a dress that fit perfectly! Somehow I knew we were meant to be together...I mean, that the dress was meant to be in the shoot.

Photo by Suzanne Fryer Photography
Cake by Eclairs de la Lune

And finally, I wanted a very dramatic cake that mirrored the richness of the colors from the event space. When Erin Lutrell *with Eclairs de la Lune told me that she would take on the cake and could most definitely give me the deep intensity that I was hoping for, I knew that this was the start of something beautiful! And beautiful it was.

Next week:

A Key to My Heart part 2 with Juliana Jumper


73-Productions, Weddings and Events is a Kansas City wedding and event company that emphasizes creating more than just a standard event. We look to break the mold, push the limits, and create an event that you will want to be a part of.

*Gratuitous plug here, Erin has just opened a bakery on The Square. Her Grand Opening is on July 9th and I highly encourage everyone to get over to her adorable bakery and eat ALL THE THINGS!

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