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Who Are We? A 73-Productions Intro

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this photo says it all! Chastity Ivy and Noelle Davis dressed and ready for an Alice in Wonderland themed bridal shower is everything we hoped for when we dreamt of 73-Productions, Event Planning Services in 2016.

A call from a client. She was planning a bridal shower for one of her best friends who really loved Alice in Wonderland. She wanted her friend to have a magical bridal shower that was completely different from a typical shower. And, she wanted it to be a surprise.

Our Mad Hatter Tea Party was born from this event.

"Noelle was so patient with me and my ridiculously busy schedule (and my lack of responses). She and her business partner worked with my budget to make my best friend's bridal shower a magical event! My friend started to cry when she saw it."

We wanted to give Amber and her friends all the imagination and fancy that Lewis Carroll himself gave to the world.

Clean Plate, Move Down, Move Down, Move Down!

We knew that Amber wanted to play games, but did not want the normal cheesy shower games. We had so much fun creating games that would have made Carroll proud. Since we were having a tea party, we gave Amber the role of Mad Hatter. She had certain wedding type lingo that were buzz words. If any of the guests said words like "bride", "groom", or other designated words, the Hatter would yell, "Clean plate! Move down, move down, move down!" At this point everyone left their goodies where they were and moved to the next plate.

The bride was given the role of Queen of Hearts, (of course!) and she had her own game to play.

Off With Her Head!

I created small pins for each guest to wear that looked like the flowers in the garden. The guests were told that they must address the bride as Your Majesty. If the Queen was addressed by anything else, the Queen would yell, "Off with her head!" and their flower pin was removed. Ultimately, the Queen is competing with the Hatter to collect all heads before everyone is back in their original chairs.

“I suppose I ought to eat or drink something or other; but the great question is ‘What?’” One of my favorite parts of this party were the wonderful finger foods that Amber made. They were the perfect addition to her party!